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Tyre tread depth

Tyre Tread Depth
Tyre tread depth Tyre tread depth explained The legal limit for car tyre tread depth is 1.6mm (across 75% of the tyre). However, the deeper the tread the more grip you have. At RM Tyres LTD we recommend that you replace your tyres when the tread depth is less than 3mm as the performan
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Employees of the Month !

F1 season nearly here

Pirelli Tyres used in one F1 test ! Follow
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Wet Stopping Distances vs Tread Depth

wet stopping distances
Wet Stopping Distances vs Tread Depth It has long been known that a decrease in tyre tread depth can lead to the deterioration of a tyre’s performance during cornering, and straight line braking in the wet, leading to increased wet stopping distances. A tyre is unable to deal wi
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Nice Little number

Set of 4 on a gorgeous Ferrari yesterday ! Follow
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